Directive 89/106/EEC Construction Products

Construction Productsof 21 December 1988 on the approximation of laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the Member States relating to construction products.


The aim of the Directive is to ensure the free movement of all construction products within the Union by harmonising national laws with respect to the essential requirements applicable to these products in terms of health, safety and stability.


The Directive applies to construction products, i.e. any product which is produced for incorporation in a permanent manner in construction works, including both buildings and civil engineering works.


Construction products may only be placed on the market if they are fit for their intended use that is to say they have such characteristics that the works in which they are to be incorporated, assembled, applied or installed, can, if properly designed and built, satisfy the essential requirements with regard to mechanical strength and stability, safety in case of fire, hygiene, health and the environment, safety in use, protection against noise and energy economy and heat retention, as set out in Annex 1 to the Directive.

The CE marking indicates that products meet these requirements. Member States shall ensure that the CE marking is correctly used.

The manufacturer, or his agent established in the Community, shall be responsible for the attestation that products are in conformity with the requirements of the technical specifications.

Where a Member State establishes that the CE marking has been affixed unduly, the manufacturer or his agent shall be obliged to make the product conform as regards the provisions concerning the CE marking and to end the infringement under conditions imposed by the Member State.

If non-conformity continues, the Member State must take all appropriate measures to restrict or prohibit the placing on the market of the product in question or to ensure that it is withdrawn from the market.

Member States shall notify the Commission and the other Member States of the certification and inspection bodies and the testing laboratories which they have designated for the tasks which must be carried out for the purposes of technical approval, certificates of conformity, inspections and tests, in accordance with this Directive.