Directive 87/404/EEC Simple pressure vessels


The aim of the Directive is to ensure the free movement of simple pressure vessels within the Community market by harmonizing the safety requirements to which they must conform. The Directive determines the objectives or "essential requirements" which simple pressure vessels must satisfy at the time of manufacture and before they are placed on the market.


The Directive applies to series produced, unfired pressure vessels of welded construction which are intended to contain air or nitrogen at an internal gauge pressure greater than 0.5 Bar. There are also limits to the maximum working pressure and the minimum working temperature, and it has specific requirements covering the geometry of the design and the materials that can be used.

The main application of vessels covered by the Directive is to provide a pressurised reservoir to smooth the air supply from a compressor and minimise the change in pressure with variations in the load or flow rate. The compressed air from the vessel could used as part of a paint spraying system, or to drive various pneumatic tools, fluid logic systems and actuators in a factory.