Directive 2000/9/EC Cableway Installations

Cableway installations designed to carry persons

The work developed in this field is intended to improve the safety of installations designed to transport persons by rope (winter sport installations, funicular,...)

News and events

The EC has started the exchanges with the Industry stackeholders and Member States with the aim to make a proposal of a revised text in 2014.

Technical Bodies and Activities

The majority of the standards are developed within DBS 'Safety Requirements for passenger transportation by rope':

Sector Forum

In view of the relative small size of this sector, there is no Sector Forum in this field.

European Legislation and Mandate

EU Directive

The directive of the European Parliament and of the Council relating to 'cableway installations designed to carry persons' was adopted at the Council meeting in December 1999, and published in the Official Journal of 3 May 2000 under the reference 2000/9/EC.